As a sport lover I learnt that fear of losing impairs the will to win, but  if you ovverrate yourself uncertain result are likely to follow.

It is taken for granted that whoever practises any sport should be in good health conditions and certified as physically fit, yet there are many athletes who think they can overcome their limitations and improve their results by resorting to taking dope or, what is even worse, they behave as though they were DIY chemists and take illicit drugs and are ready to lavishly give nasty advice on the matter. Experimenting on oneself or on the others without being duly qualified is mere criminal behaviour. There are people who my suffer from a minor malformation (i.e. heart, congenital, etc) or minor ailment, which does not become evident until their body undergoes severe physical strain: At this stage training practice is is perfectly tolerated by a well-trained athlete, but can have terrible consequences if the person is not fit for such a strain. There are pseudo-athletes who have terribly impaired their health because thay have taken up demanding physical exercise without previous medical control.

My advice is to have an accurate medical check-up, not just the request of a fitness certificate somehow obtained from your G.P.  Medical tests could be a nuisance, but they are always essential and vital before undergoing any important physical exercise, even when they are not obligatory. If we decide to take drugs or vitamins or something else to improve the quality of our life, we should not hesitate to take all necessary precautions to safeguard it.

Take great care and seriously consider all contraindications, especially the ones that may affect your psychology and character, if you decide top use those doping drugs that are said to produce miraculous effects and turn users into supermen.

My conclusion is that when we start growing older, physical decay is inevitable and unrestrainable; therefore we should never forget that ancient and wise Latin saying:

– Mens sana in corpore sano –

a mind is sound when the body is sound and viceversa.