There was a sportsman…

–        …that in 1981 decided to play American Football as a Linebacker

–        That played an Italian Superbowl

–        That won the American Football European Championships in 1987 with the Italian National team

–        There was a kid that had everything, but decided to give it all to charity in a humanitarian expedition to Africa in 1992

–        There was a kid that during this expedition fell victim of a disastrous car accident that left him in a coma for 2 months and paralyzed from the waist down




–        Since that fatal day, there is a kid that tries to give another meaning to life, that continue to play sports and started to challenge himself with an handbike

–        You can find him in the street while is training and you can say hello while you pedal with your legs and he pedals with his hands and a smile on the face

–        In 2009, this kid, travelled the historic Route 66 in USA, with his arms and determination and willingness to achieve his goal in handbike

–        This kid, has become the Bench Press Italian Champion for disabled and after 25 years, is back to wearing the National Italian shirt in another sport

–        This kid, in 2013, will go back to Africa , in the Masai land and will travel the places of his dismay in handbike to promote and raise awarness about disabled people. In the African mentality, a disable is a burden for the family and simply a mouth to feed…a curse!