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During the month prior to my departure from Italyalla preparations will have to be made, including accurate check and evaluation of what will be found or will be necessary in the States. I will have my intensive training sessions on the week prior to departure and there will be a final supervision before packing what must be sent to Chicago.
Saturday, April 25 2009: departure from italy and arrival in Chicago.
Sunday, April 26 : unpacking equipment, accommodation, checks, etc.
Monday, April 27: rental of camper van (motorhome) and final controls
Tuesday April 28: beginning of the race
The race will be carried out alternating three racing days with a day of rest.
Sunday, July 19: expected arrival at the seafront of Santa Monica (83 days after departure)
Wensday, July 22: flight back home.
Having to cover a distance of 3755 km over 63 days of actual racing activity, we can infer that the average distance covered daily will have to be 59.6 km. If we consider the days spent in Chicago, the ones needed for the race and those to prepare return, we’ll have to stay in the States for 90 days altogether.
The average distance to be covered daily will be based on the various difficulties along the route: uphill gradient, weather conditions (cold, heat, wind, rain), mechanical faults, limbs rest and possible unexpected hindrances. Therefore stages might vary in distance but the average distance to be covered daily will be kept unaltered.


Human support required for assistance:
1. a cycling companion, possibly expert on diets, training activities, cycle mechanics
2. a driver for the camper van (motorhome) who can help with post-practice rehabilitation, massages and medical care.


All the components of the group will be given precise tasks and responsibilies.
– the camper driver will have to take care of cuisine, provisions and laundry;
– the riding companion will be responsible for the bicycles maintenance and inventories;
– I will supervise the activity, take care of the handbike and will be the treasurer;
– All the components will have to take care of maintenance and cleaning of the camper.


During the race, all three members of the team will have to be prepared to help and cooperate even beyond their assigned tasks.