There is an end for everyone of us, only we do not know where, how and when. We spend the largest part of our life performing tasks  of little purpose. We may cherish the possibility of a mental breakdown and neglect the serch for peaceful life in harmony.

I think that the most common activities in our life are:


  • sex: to provide for progeny
  • farming: to get food
  • hunting: to get food
  • war: out of greed, opportunism and unclear aims

We are afraid of conflict…yet the most cruel and devastating weapon is man himself! Man’s intelligence creates and destroys; men too often resort to ruthless violence to get shelter from disappointment. By resorting to devious blackmail, man can try to impose his own thoughts and will (click “here” and look), just like a dissolute woman aiming at who-knows-what hidden purposes.

I think it is worth remembering that:
– a clever man wins a battle, an intelligent man wins the war –
and this seems to be the highest degree of intelligence in our planet.

To sum up I would like to paraphrase the lovely lyrics of a song which says: “Oh moon, you light up the sky and its immensity, yet you only show the half you wish, as we very often do…”

That’s it: we usually just show the side of our personality we want people to see and cleverly play the part which dims reality and truth. Trying to hide ourselves within an air of mystery sounds quite fascinating, yet the comb that smooths our life always sees through the trick we want to hide and nothing can stop it.