I am looking for new stimuli and vital impulses. The forced physical inactivity of these years as a disabled impair my stamina to a point which I can no longer accept. I spend long time trying to tone up the muscles and quite by chance, after noticing my proportions, an acquaintance suggests I should try a new sport called Handbike. Then I thought that real and constant aerobic exercise could be the healthiest and least invasive way to improve my conditions.
The image I picture in my mind and that stays with me whenever I go out on my Handbike. This is where my wildest dreams get closer to reality. This is what I would like to tackle in the near future. A boundless expanse of nature and landscapes, too wide even for our imagination and where even problems and troubles appear to be inconsistent. It must be impossible to run into them in that vastness of space. It is like an evergreen garden where solutions are sown, troubles provide the fertilizer and pleasures are crops. The trial ahead is so hard that you are at the mercy of competitive exertion, which is however mixed to the spirit of adventure and thus is bound to bring about a mental and physical wellbeing.
To sum up, the elixir of free, serene living.
Journeying along panoramic roads without the need to drive a car helped me feel an active part of nature and that feeling strengthened my determination.