If you miss a train, others will pass by, yet the one you have missed cannot be taken any more. So many feelings flow in one direction; if you know that direction do not hesitate to head for it and to get involved. If you do not know the direction, listen to the advice of people you sincerely appreciate and rely on their help. Therefore if you wish to meet more pleasures than troubles, carefully consider which train to take, to avoid getting on the wrong one.

One of the most pleasant sensations results from realising that your hope turns into something real. Such hope, however, will not get close if you look for it too stubbornly. It should be clear, therefore, that happiness cannot be attained if you only hope to achieve what you wish. You will be a very happy person instead when you realise that you wish what you lardeady have and when something unexpected suddenly occurs…be it welcome!

Obligations and the negative influence of people that are around us are the cause of bad mood and sad existence. Obligations and negative influences modify your inner emotional life and leave you at the mercy of despair. Thus life become sad and pathetically dull, if you accept things passively and do nopt make any effort to try to change them. Initiative and determined action will help overcome such trouble and  let you enjoy the pleasant embrace of feeling. There is  apparently no point in pursuing a predictable conclusion, or mere triviality or utter insignificance,  yet it is important to leave a permanent track of your passage. Be it for good or for evil, but it is important to be remembered and be talked about.

This is the price for reputation: Only people who pass on feelings or emotions are talked about; anonymity is thoroughly ignored. Dialogue, timbre of voice and body expression help discover and strengthen feelings. But you have to be intelligent, sensitive and able to code the shades of meaning implied in the messages that are sent.