Curriculum 2018

In 1984, i won the italian under 20 championship of american football with the Parma Bobcats.  i played an italian superbowl with the Milan Seamen in 1987.  i was a starting player with the italian national all star team , which won the european championship in 1987 in Helsinki, and set a record for tackles with 17 solo tackles in the european games.

I became disabled after a motor accident (paraplegic and in a coma for nearly two months) during a volunteer mission in Tanzania, Africa.  i was with a  ong, CEFA Onlus di Bologna.

In 1999, FIAF, at that time the federation of american football, nominated me to the hall of fame.  This nomination no longer holds as FIAF is not the present federation.

In september 2007, i was operated on successfully for a malignant tumor.

In 2009, i successfully completed the task of crossing all of Historic Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica by handbike in 80 days, 3798 km, in 245 hours. This was an historical first. and crossed eight states and three time zones.

On june 23, 2012, i became italian champion of paralympic weight lifting (bench press) in the 85+kg category, at the italian championships in Citta’ di Castello, Perugia.  at the end of september 2012 i was named to the national allstar team of paralympic weightlifting at the CONI center of Acqua Cetosa in Rome.  So after 25 years, i returned to all star status in a different athletic venture.

I am a school representative for CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee) since 2010 and in march 2013 i was named  emeritus  esteemed delegate for Parma and provinces by CONI ANAOAI (national association of olympic and national team athletes of Italy).

On  april 6 2013, i was named to the Seamen Milan hall of fame, my former american football team.

In august of 2013, the assessor of sports for the town of Parma, mr Giovanni Marani named me an ambassador of Parma to the world, during a conference at the town hall.

In the autumn of 2013, specifically from sunday october 20 through saturday november 9, with my arrival in Dar Es Salaam, capital of Tanzania, i successfully completed my humanitarian mission “LESS Is MORE”, organized by the same ong Onlus of Bologna, with which i volunteered twenty-one years before.  crossing by handbike the lands of the Masai, the scene of my accident, i hoped to sensitize african authorities to the integration of disabled people.

On january 13, 2014, on the occasion of Parma’s patron saint and the Saint Hilarius prize of 2014, the mayor of Parma, his honor Federico Pizzarotti and the governing body of the city, gave me the honorable recognition of “civic benemeritus of the city of Parma”.

On november 14, 2015, I finished second of paralympic weight lifting (bench press) in the 88+kg category, at the italian championships in Vedano Olona, Varese.

On may 22, 2016 with a good lift of 146 kg (322 lb), I win the gold medal at Italy Cup of paraweightlifting, in the + 88kg category in Sala Baganza, Parma (Italy), and new Italian record.

On june 02, 2018, I have been awarded as Knight of Merit by the Presidency of the Italian Republic.


Norberto De Angelis #99