US Route 66

I take interest in the different types of cycling races and try to get as much information as i can. This is how I got to know about “RAAM” (Race Across America), which is apparently the most extreme and exhausting race a cyclist can undertake. I have a flash of inspiration.
Of course I am not going to try anything extreme. I have already had plenty of disadventures and problems in my life and I am not looking forward to facing new ones. However it must be a challenging aim and possibly unique for the world of disabled people. Therefore I sketch the idea of riding across America alone.
I estimate pros and cons, what support I can get.
Why not try a change in my life as a disabled? Why not tackle a challenge I can throw myself into heart and soul? Why not set an important target for my future?
After I have see the Forrest Gump movie, I changed my mind for focus on a new project.
– ‘I go to the States, get on my Handbike and ride all along Route 66 from the centre of Chicago to the seafront of Santa Monica over 3,755 km.’ –