My philosophy

Experience is a teacher from past life; necessity provides wits for present life: combined they shape your character, indicate the way and build up your future.
This is the starting idea for my philosophy of life, backed by the consideration that you are really free when you can freely choose what to do, from the time you get up till the time you go to bed.
Simplicity, health and a healthy way of fostering changes in your lifestyle, help create wellbeing and strengthen your certainties. Peace and tranquillity are secured when you can attain an equal level of strength and fight to avoid conflicts. Living in harmony with what surrounds you is a way to see what lies beyond apparent reality. Words, however, should be granted the benefit of the doubt, since only solid facts can be considered as true and real. Words are never fully reliable because they are as consistent as crumbly sandcastles. Fervent coherence in your behaviour is a sign of stability in action. You needn’t shout when you speak rationally or if you want to have your own way; you should make yourself understood with soft tones.High handed voices are the way in which people set themselves up as judges of other people’s lifestyles, failing to control their own. It is much more constructive to keep silent and observe rather than using trivial words. At this point I feel I should quote the twelve simple golden steps I was once ironically reminded:



1 Prima – First
2 Pensa – Think
3 Poi – Then
4 Parla – Speak
5 Perchè – Because
6 Parole – Words
7 Poco – Little/td>
8 Pensate – Thought out
9 Possono – Can
10 Produrre – Produce
11 Parecchie – Loads of
12 Puttanate – Rubbish


Just think how many worries could be avoided by resorting to this simple rule…I have learnt not to rely too much on the help of other people; a partnership is likely to last when it consists of an odd number of partners, which should not exceed two. Even if they say that unity is strength, I think we’d better try to manage on our own, thus preventing the possibility of having to tackle with unpayable debts, forced favours or false expressions of gratitude. Never let fool yourself! Disappointment and dejection that would ensue could harm and disrupt your mind. If we need to rely on somebody’s help, we’d better hope that our vital stamina are kept intact, hope that our reason can always be our guide and rely on few certainties. Then we may surrender to fate and let time heal our wounds. A bottle filled to half, will be seen as half empty by a pessimist ( with regret) and half full by an optimist (who will try to fill it). I thrive on eternal immaturity, and love funny dialogue, but, above all, I try to avoid problems. When they appear, however, I try immediately to find a solution.
Many popular sayings help to shape a philosophy of life, such as:
“ If you want a thing done, do it yourself”
“ Necessity helps use one’s wits”
“ It’s a chicken-and-egg situation” etc.
My response is:
“Make me a clairvoyant and I’ll make you rich”
or, which is always true,
“A dog does not wag its tail in vain”
Whenever we do something practical, we always have little rewards; They might not be immediately visible, quantifiable or tangible but they do exist. Meanings may be sometimes missed, yet I must sadly admit that
“Mothers of stupid people are always pregnant”
and even if we learn from science that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, I would say that
“if a mother creates when she is delivered, a stupid person destroys while living”