American football

MLB #99

Norberto De Angelis, born in Piacenza on June 6, 1964
Middle Line Backer, height 1.83 mt (6,1″), weight 100 kg (220 lb)


My american football curriculum:

1981: Beginning activity in October’
1982: Just friendly matches
1983: March 19, First game in Serie A (Premier League) with Parma Panthers and play off
1984: Under-20 Italian champion with Parma Bobcats (Youngbowl in Bologna)
1985: Serie A with Parma Panthers
1987: Final game of Italian Championship with Milan Seamen (Superbowl in Rimini)
1987: European Champion with “Blue Team” national team (in Finland)
1987: Single tackle record in European Championship (17 tackles)
1988: Serie A with Milan Seamen and play off
1989: Serie A with Parma Panthers
1990: Serie A with parma Panthers
1991: Serie A with Bologna Towers
1992: Serie A with Bolzano Jets and play out
1992: Demonstration victory with All Star playing with “West” team
1996: Defensive coach, topping the A2 list with Piacenza Nightmare (Silverbowl in Rome)
1997: Defensive coach, topping the winter league list with Piacenza Nightmare (Silverbowl in PC)
1999: “Hall of Fame” Italian nomination


Games with the national team:

1987: European Championship with “Blue Team” in Helsinki (Finland)
1989: Training camp in Tirrenia



– “Noli illegitimi carborundum” –

In 1981 I started my sport activity as a football player. In 1986 I was forced to interrupt competitive sport owing to a road accident which impaired my leg. Really unforgettable was the experience during the European Championship played in Helsinki in 1987, coached by stern Jerry Douglas. Great combination, victories and fun. After a road accident in Africa on December 15 1992, I had to quit competitive activity, having become a disabled. In 1999 I was included by FIAF Federation into the Italian HALL OF FAME, the only Linebacker. That was greatly gratifying for me and I humbly welcomed that acknowledgement as a very great prize to my career. I know that in America the “hall of fame” is considered the greatest sport recognition for an athlete who has quitted activity. I do appreciate the warm respect that many players still continue to honor me with. That makes me a really proud person considering what I once managed to achieve in football. I am grateful to this fantastic sport for all its past and present gifts.


Thanks from Norberto # 99