We were born as part of an animal consortium, therefore a solitary life is not congenital to our DNA. When your life is transparent and genuine, your image reflected in a mirror makes you feel that you are fair and open, you are responsible for your actions and ready to accept their consequences; above all you feel you are genuinely open to new experiences. If you keep musing, hesitating and deferring before trying to get to know someone, you are bound to start your approach with trivial, predictable, stupid phrases: Before you start a dialogue you should feeel certain that everything originates from spontaneity. It is true, however, that our human nature is generally impatient and is at times so contradictory that we stubbornly look for what we won’t be able to achieve and we keep cherishing wild dreams and perhaps neglect whatever positive we have already achieved.

In each and every relationship harmony originates from the balance between giving and receiving, but our contradictory human nature often distorts balance and disrupts priorities. In fact if you rise above your partner even slightly, you can suddenly freeze the pleasant, inestimable warmth coming from friendship. Anyway, in the long run, if we sow thin we mow thin and it is impossibleto gather roses if we only sowed manure, even though a fair amount will improve the final outcome; actually the original seed and the crop to be expected cannot be modified.

Love and friendship, which can be strengthened by sharing some certainties, ideals and mutual aid, are a necessity if we want to get the best out of ourselves and live at the top of our possibilities. If we cultivate such ideas our relationships are bound to strengthen, but if dull habit becomes the rule, then pleasure and spontaneous amusement are inevitably impaired.

Initiative, even when naive,will bear fruitful response from a friend!