We have too many forced choices and too many reasons to feel sad or sorry about. Choosing or being chosen by love should bring about only pleasure, happiness and wellbeing; it should help us look at our daily life with optimism. If this does not occur, it means that our choice was not the right one, therefore it would be necessary to reconsider what we should wish. Let things take their course and try to wonder whether you are living a better life. Thence comes the right answer in order to understand, aid and feed real love. When no answer is found, then the question was probably wrongly worded, or we do not really want to get an answer. However the answer is not as important and its underlying reason.  When we know the reason of one particular answer, we will have overcome many problems connected with it. Self help should be found in our heart; we should go away if we want to check who will follow us, and each day should be lived intensely, as though it were the last day of our life, since each single day might actually be the last one. Even short-lived love asks for sorrowful losses and risky choices. This is why we’d better avoid focussing on tedious arguments about tomorrow, but rather be satisfied with any present pleasant experience.

With the passing of years and a wider range of experience, memories affect our thoughts and actions. In love it is hard to get to know, it is important to remember, it is nearly impossible to forget strong emotions. Living as a single is hardly ever a conscious choice; yet when you do not want to or are afraid of experiencing those strong emotions, you are likely to remain alone. Love flourishes when unselfishness exists in the couple. Selfishness and love cannot get along side by side. Love can build up everything, selfishness nothing. Nothing can be broken when nothing has yet been built. If you choose something else instead of love then…turn back and, quite sadly, you will not see any sign of your conduct. You will have lived only half your life.